Get a Sharp Meter Reading

View your Meter Reading

phoenix meter
Press the TOTAL COUNT key
Sharp Meter 1
Hold down the COPY key
Sharp Meter 2
Hold down the BLUE HOUSE key


Print your Meter Reading

⇢ Press SETTINGS button


From this screen you can view or print your meter read.

⇢ Press SYSTEM SETTINGS button


From this screen you can view/print your meter read.

    ⇢ Press SETTINGS

    From this screen you can view or print your meter read.

Checking Toner Levels

To check your toner level of the current Sharp range of photocopiers, the levels are conveniently displayed on the screen (pictured).
To see toner levels on any of the older Sharp machines, please click through below for instructions.
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Printing on Envelopes with your Sharp Copier

You can print addresses on envelopes using many programs, including Microsoft Word.

When inserting envelopes in the bypass tray, place them aligned to the left side in the orientation shown below. Only the front side of envelopes can be printed or copied on.

Place the front side facing down.


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"Load Paper" / "Paper Empty" Print Error


Nothing is printing, display on the photocopier is requesting paper be loaded even though you have paper in the machine. 


A job that was sent to the printer is requesting a different size paper than what is currently programmed in the copier. This causes the print que to back up.

RESOLUTION 1: Force Print

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