Sharp Pulse 2017 American Dealer Conference

A post by Digital Document Solutions General Manager, Bob Cotter.

Chris and I attended the Sharp America Dealer Conference in Phoenix, Arizona at the end of November.  We travelled with 6 other members of the Sharp Australia dealer council and senior management from Sharp Corporation of Australia (Greg Wallis, Head of Business Systems Group) & (Daniel Gard, Head of Marketing). 

I can honestly say that this trip was without question a highlight of my career in the copier business.  Everyone who attended came away inspired and humbled by the people we met and the new business initiatives we gained from the trip.  The successes which we have had at DDS are outstanding and a credit to every one our staff, the trip made me realise that there is so much more we can achieve as a company and in our individual careers with DDS.

Prior to the Dealer conference we were lucky enough to spend a day with the largest Sharp dealer in America, The Les Olson Company.  Their story is inspirational, the founder (Les Olson) began the business when he quit his job and asked his 12 kids to contribute the contents of their piggy bank to his new company.  They mustered the grand sum of $63, from there the business has grown to where it is today, just being awarded Sharp America’s largest dealer for the 14th consecutive year.  You can read their full story here:  Les Olson Story.

Following the Les Olson visit we attended the Sharp America National Dealer Conference.  WOW what an organisation, over 1,000 people attended the conference and it was the most exciting and professional conference I have had the privilege to attend.  To say it was like an Apple event would be an understatement.  Stay tuned for some exciting news and products which we have been able to secure for the Australian market as a direct result of our visit.  We were fortunate enough to spend time with Doug Albregts (President & CEO of Sharp US) and Mike Marusic (Chief Operating Officer of Sharp US).  These are the number 1 & 2 people at Sharp America and were very welcoming of the Aussie crew.  Among new printers and copiers, some of the products to look out for are MICAS & SKYWELL.

We were also fortunate enough to spend time with Andy Slawetsky who you may know from his industry publication (Industry Analist).  Andy is the preeminent journalist in the copier industry and his only job is to report on copier events and news.  He was kind enough to mention us in his article on the conference.  Below is a snippet of his article, you can find the full article at: Pulse 17

If you haven’t already subscribed to his newsletter, I would encourage you to do so, it is very informative.  I have attached some photo’s which will give you a little insight into what we go up to on the trip.

Be Original, Be inspired……………….Be Proud………………….

Bob Cotter

Sharp USA Trip Kicks Off

Company Director, Chris Wilcock and General Manager, Bob Cotter have arrived in the USA alongside other Australian Sharp Dealers, for the Sharp USA National Dealer Conference being held at the Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix AZ.

Kicking of the trip with a Football game at the University of Utah, pictured here, our very own Chris Wilcock, Tony Haack, of Sharp Sunshine Coast, George Koutsoubis of Datacord and Greg Wallis of Sharp Australia.

The Australian Sharp Dealers are honoured to get to spend sometime with the Les Olson Company before heading off to the conference.

Customer Feedback - Neami National

What great feedback we have received from the guys at Neami National at their Hawthorn branch. Neami National provide admirable support services for improving mental health and wellbeing, we're proud to service such a great organisation and provide tech equipment to improve engagement for such important services. Thank you for brightening our day!

"Hiya David  (and Chris & Brendon),

Just emailing to say a massive THANKS! For helping us get this new digital display.

We’ve had it for a couple of months now and it’s exactly what we needed. Our workshops have never been more interactive! We can show young people videa clips, pictures, play music and presentations. …and the white board feature is amazing… you just wanna write on that board!

At the end of the day this tech is engaging young people with mental health issues and helping them to learn the skills they’ll need to get back into the community!

David, I have really appreciated your support on this, helping to get us the right tech at the right price! Will definitely be recommending you to colleagues!

From one happy customer! - Matt Pearse"

Sharp DDS' New Car Fleet

A quick snap of the new Digital Document Solutions photocopier technician car fleet. We have started to roll out these new Kia Souls for our team in Moorabbin.

Digital Document Solutions Photocopier Technician Fleet

Managed Print in Depth

DDS has pioneered an innovative Managed Print system. Previous methods of leasing your machines and paying an extra invoice for a maintenance agreement individually resulted in many invoices and untracked contracts for customers- instead we can now offer all in one solutions, no matter which machines (or software!) /how many machines you need in your fleet, our agreements are all inclusive onto one single cost per copy on one singular agreement and monthly invoice. To make matters even better, these agreements can be term reducing based on how many copies you do!

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Adding Emails to Copier Address Book

These instructions will show you how to add additional users Email addresses to your Sharp photocopier Address Book. We will do this via the Sharp photocopiers webpage, which is accessed by typing the photocopiers IP address into a web broswer. If you are unsure what the IP address is, please see these next steps/screenshots.

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