"Load Paper" / "Paper Empty" Print Error


Nothing is printing, display on the photocopier is requesting paper be loaded even though you have paper in the machine. 


A job that was sent to the printer is requesting a different size paper than what is currently programmed in the copier. This causes the print que to back up.

RESOLUTION 1: Force Print

(May not be suitable for all documents, but suitable for most.)

⇢ Press OK on the load paper/paper empty message
 Press the job on the list with the status of "PAPER EMPTY"
⇢ Press Reset (or reselect) paper
 Select the tray/paper you wish to print from
⇢ Press OK

RESOLUTION 2: Fix Settings on Computer

⇢ First you must delete the faulty job from the copier job list. The job causing the issue will have the status "PAPER EMPTY", select the job and press delete

⇢ With your document open, you need to go to print and then access your printing preferences/printer properties, which looks something like-

printer properties

⇢ Once open, click the PAPER tab and make sure the 3 settings match below


⇢ Press OK and Print